MIDI Drum and MIDI Bass Backing Tracks

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MIDI Drums with Fills, MIDI Bass Guitar, and the Sheet Music to every song.

A word about the mp3's to the right:  They are best heard through headphones.  These are short clips created with StyleSupportMIDI files.  The bass guitar and all drum parts are MIDI running through synths and samplers.  The other instruments are recording artists playing their instruments along with the MIDI track.  This testifies of what can be done when mixing MIDI and traditional instruments within the same song.

Add to Cart  $17.95   Country                      Over 425 songs  Song List

Add to Cart  $17.95   Jazz                           Over 390 songs  Song List 

Add to Cart  $14.95   Old Time Rock 'N Roll    Over 260 songs  Song List

Add to Cart  $9.95   Classic Rock                Over 145 songs  Song List

Add to Cart   $19.95   Pop Rock                   Over 460 songs  Song List

Add to Cart  $12.95   Blues                         Over 225 songs  Song List

Add to Cart  $14.95   Wedding & Love          Over 325 songs  Song List

Add to Cart  $17.95   Latin Songs                Over 400 songs  Song List

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